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From the studio of …
Painter, Textile Artist and Author,
Amanda Onchulenko

“Blending colour, words, nature and light, Amanda weaves inspiration on a relatable human level.”



Amanda Onchulenko is an Australian and Canadian citizen, a painter, a fibre artist and a new author. She has maintained a studio practice in a 100+ year old building in Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange District since 2001.

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I believe that life is spent in the details, in finding joy in the work that we do, and in the connections we find in the making.

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I love to write almost as much as I love to paint. Join me as I share my working thoughts.

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I want to inspire you to carve out a little peace from the noise and distraction of everyday life. So I wrote a book about just that.


As a composition progresses, each time a mark is made anywhere it effects the path the eye travels everywhere.

I invite you to let your eye travel through the galleries of my work.


 “Colour quiets me, colour lets me sing. It is my language, in all its affectations of nuance, of syntax, of pronunciation. My voice is most clear in colour.”

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“Your bold use of colour made my day.” 



“Always high expectations, always exceeded.”