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NEW IN 2019!

Wisdom at the Crossroads

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In a world filled with constant distraction, endless to-do lists and our often unrealistic expectations, this colourful little book shares the artwork and insightful words of Amanda Onchulenko. “Wisdom at the Crossroads” by Amanda Onchulenko has been described as weightier than its small stature, (Pam L.) and colour therapy for the soul (Dona W.) Amanda describes her book as a picture book for adults, or yoga for the mind. Images from her painting practice provide the illustrations for the text that comes from being mindful and attentive to intuitive details in the everyday. Wisdom at the Crossroads is Amanda Onchulenko’s first book. 

The art of living is the art of doing and also that of being. My words give voice to the wisdom of my soul when I am open and receptive and take a quiet moment to listen. They provide a philosophy that inspires me to be mindfully present.


Amanda hopes it will inspire you, to carve out a little peace, as you navigate the winds of change in your own life. May it…(to quote the back cover)

“Encourage your soul’s expansion, into its fullest expression, its brightest light, and its most beautiful song.”


“We have long known the unique perspective inherent in your work. Your book reveals insights, and dare I say it -wisdom- underlying the creativity. Great book!”



“Mandy’s written philosophy expresses a serenity and calmness that is totally antithetic to her vibrant colourful artwork.”



“Blending colour, words, nature and light, Amanda weaves inspiration on a relatable and human level.” 


“It was a pleasure to enjoy one page a day from your lovely book. I learned so much more about you, the artist and your process. Keep making the world beautiful.”